Why do clients buy from you (or not buy from you)?

So much BS is being talked about by people trying to sell hypnotherapy marketing. Nearly all these promote pushy sales techniques and tell people to try harder than their competition. The reality is that there are three reasons why clients will buy from you or not buy from you.

So let me share with you what works. And you should listen to me for two reasons. Firstly, because of my experience in building a successful hypnotherapy practice over the last five years. And secondly, my previous 25 years of experience in selling high-value services critical to people’s careers, lives, and reputations. I have sold over £2 billion worth of services that make-or-break people’s careers and companies. I have overseen sales and marketing for two of the highest-growth companies in the history of the UK services industry. I have led some of the biggest sales teams in Europe. I have been asked to turn round the sales performance of many household-name organisations.

I applied what I learned in these roles to grow my hypnotherapy business and teach my clients at Boost Academy.

So let me tell you first what needs to be fixed. What does not work is pushy sales techniques. What does not work is people who try too hard and merely appear desperate. Because the reality is that people do not like to be sold to, they want to buy, but no one likes being sold to.

What you need to understand is that people will buy from you when they trust you, when they relate to you, when they feel comfortable with you and ideally, when they like you.

When you understand this, you will realise why advice telling you to push to close a client and produce more content than anybody else is counterproductive and is a race you can never win.

You need a system that will draw people towards you and quickly make them feel comfortable with you, where they will learn to trust you from very early on in your conversations.

Most Hypnotherapists need to get the foundations of their business right. They then become desperate and get drawn into push sales and marketing approaches, spending their lives posting on social media and getting drawn into people who promise things like ‘leads on demand’ or other expensive and ineffective sales techniques from people who know little about sales and marketing and even less about marketing hypnotherapy practices!

You need to get the fundamental foundations of your branding right, understand how to tell your story that allows people to relate to you, present yourself well and consistently and offer offerings that increase the value of what you do to your clients. All of these we teach you in BOOST Academy.

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Author Profile

Steve Butler
Steve has spent his career working in technology, focused on using technology to improve processes, reduce effort and harness the power of data.

Steve intimately understands Google and technologies critical to a therapy business today. He understands the algorithms and has tremendous insights into emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence that present an incredible opportunity for therapists. His knowledge allows us as therapists to reach our target audience and for our target audience to find the right therapist for them. Steve has worked extensively around leveraging technology for hypnotherapists for the last three years.

Steve is an expert in organic marketing, allowing hypnotherapists to grow credibility and online ‘authority’ without the need for expensive advertising or hours on social media.

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