BOOST Academy - Our mission

Our mission is very simple and unique. We exist to raise the profile of hypnotherapy to the level that we know it deserves to be. We understand the power of hypnotherapy. We want to make it a go to, the first choice for people seeking help. in conjunction with this, the second part of our mission is to enable hypnotherapists to earn the money they deserve and achieve their own life goals.

We do this by bringing about the skill sets of our two founders and the network we can draw upon for any wider skills or experience.

Working together with Steve, Jonathan’s own business was transformed within six months of starting work together. Our collaboration delivered the required volume of clients, attracted the right clients, and eliminated my spending on adverts with far less work on doing all the things that therapists hate doing!

This success let us develop BOST Academy. We wanted other hypnotherapists to avoid the mistakes that Jonathan made. We wanted to make more people successful and help as many clients receive the gift of hypnotherapy.

We, therefore, designed boost Academy to

  1. Help as many clients as possible get the right therapy and the right therapist  for them
  2. Help hypnotherapists make a good living from doing this valuable work
  3. Remove the burden on hypnotherapists to do the tasks they did not enjoy
  4. Enable hypnotherapists to work where they want and when they want

Starting any new business is hard. Getting established is hard, and hypnotherapy businesses are very different to other businesses. Jonathan saw that many therapists, struggling to get enough clients, get seduced by marketing programs that promise to get quick results. These are usually the latest fads and often from people who have yet to learn about marketing something like hypnotherapy. Many therapists fall into the expensive trap of adopting generic marketing advice or spending lots of money on things like Facebook ads or Google ads. While there can be a place for these tactics in a system, for people starting up this is usually going to result in just burning precious cash.

On his journey to success, Jonathan realised that he needed to do something different and that he needed help. Despite his previous experience, he couldn’t do all this himself, which is why he bought in Steve. Steve understood digital marketing. He was passionate about it. He had successfully marketed his and other people’s well-being businesses. he knew what worked and didn’t.

Jonathan has many years of experience in sales and marketing but takes a very different approach to sales from what you may be familiar with. He hates the idea of pushy-in-your-face selling.  This does not work and is unpleasant for all involved. For him, successful selling and marketing are about creating an environment that draws people towards you who want to buy. He spent many years mastering this approach and calls it the ‘no-sales selling formula’. It is a formula that clients wish to purchase and feel good about buying. It is ideal for therapists who typically hate the idea of sales and selling.  We teach you this in the BOOST Academy.

Many digital marketing specialists and offers you may come across typically involve people trying to sell you a particular approach or technology solution. You will probably find people approaching you who specialise in Google ads, Facebook ads, or LinkedIn lead generation. Steve is a systems person. He understands that the success of marketing a hypnotherapy business does not come from such point solutions; success comes from having an end-to-end system where every element is functioning and flowing correctly.

We developed a system in BOOST that provides an end to end process that will result in consistent, long-term results,  with no pushy selling that raises the credibility and value of you and your business.