The biggest challenge facing hypnotherapists


The elephant in the room

There is a very big elephant in the room as a hypnotherapist. When you start out, it takes time, money and practice to develop your skills. You need exposure to a wide variety of clients to come across the different scenarios and how to handle them.

Getting qualified is tough, but it is very exciting and rewarding when you see how much you can help clients.

There are many areas you can specialise in and often you will build your script library to deliver the best approach for your clients.

One thing you discover very quickly is whilst there are some great schools to learn hypnotherapy, almost none of these teach effective marketing skills.

If you are a household name or have a major brand, then attracting clients is easy. However, very, very few hypnotists achieve this superstar status. People actively search for them because they have seen them on TV, radio, or the internet.

They established themselves often a decade or more ago and the methods they used to build their business no longer work or are just not relevant today. We have heard hundreds of horror stories about therapists giving up as they can’t attract any clients even after applying everything that they have been taught or burning themselves out on social media.

The real problem is that attracting clients is tough. It is far harder than getting qualified. There are many parallels with writing a book. It takes a long time for a first-time author to pull a book together, but this is the easy part. Attracting buyers needs a lot of marketing skills.

There are a range of other challenges from your competition and in these times, people are short of money.

However, don’t despair, as it is possible to build a successful practice. Wimbledon is on the TV as I am writing this post. If you look carefully, you will find that every successful player has a coach. Hypnotherapy is the same. You are a skilled therapist and very few people have modern marketing skills.

Help for Hypnotherapists was created to help people like yourself become successful. Jon and I have strong marketing and internet skills, and it still took us 12 months initially to make Jon’s practice successful. We learned a lot and found what works. It is possible to shortcut this whole, painful learning curve.

Hypnotherapy is quite different to many professions, it is a specialist area and the generic courses on “how to market your business” don’t work.  You absolutely need to work with a coach who can help you attract your ideal client.

Author Profile

Steve Butler
Steve has spent his career working in technology, focused on using technology to improve processes, reduce effort and harness the power of data.

Steve intimately understands Google and technologies critical to a therapy business today. He understands the algorithms and has tremendous insights into emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence that present an incredible opportunity for therapists. His knowledge allows us as therapists to reach our target audience and for our target audience to find the right therapist for them. Steve has worked extensively around leveraging technology for hypnotherapists for the last three years.

Steve is an expert in organic marketing, allowing hypnotherapists to grow credibility and online ‘authority’ without the need for expensive advertising or hours on social media.

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