I want to be a Hypnotherapist

Are you considering retraining to be a hypnotherapist? Maybe you are considering retraining to be a hypnotherapist. Perhaps you have been a user of hypnotherapy and seen great results. Perhaps you’ve been targeted with lots of marketing suggesting that being a hypnotherapist would be a great career change for you.

Hypnotherapy is a very interesting and rewarding career. However, like any life change, you need to go in with your eyes wide open to make this kind of decision! You need to consider whether this is right for you and understand how easy it is to make the living that those selling the training courses are promising you. I’m Jonathan Butler, a clinical hypnotherapist, one of the world’s most experienced RTT Therapists and the founder of Help for Hypnotherapists.

I founded Help For Hypnotherapists because I saw many people re-training to be Therapists, sold on the dream but not really understanding how they would make this transition and build a successful business. Find out more at www.helpforhypnptherapists.com or see our YouTube Channel at  @helpforhypnotherapists 

In this series of videos, I will explore everything you need to think about before deciding to train as a Hypnotherapist in all of its different flavours and training schools. In this first video, I explore 1. Why do you want to become a hypnotherapist or hypnotist? 2. What attributes do you need to be a therapist? 3. What are the biggest mistakes that people make when starting up? 4. The importance of timing and readiness to make this change. # hypnotherapytraining #hypnosistraining #helpforhypnotherapists #hypnotherapymarketing #myfitmind #boostacademy #hypnotherapyfirst

Author Profile

Steve Butler
Steve has spent his career working in technology, focused on using technology to improve processes, reduce effort and harness the power of data.

Steve intimately understands Google and technologies critical to a therapy business today. He understands the algorithms and has tremendous insights into emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence that present an incredible opportunity for therapists. His knowledge allows us as therapists to reach our target audience and for our target audience to find the right therapist for them. Steve has worked extensively around leveraging technology for hypnotherapists for the last three years.

Steve is an expert in organic marketing, allowing hypnotherapists to grow credibility and online ‘authority’ without the need for expensive advertising or hours on social media.

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