Who is this course for?

  1. New hypnotherapists who are looking to build their practice.
  • Hypnotherapists who have been working for several years but are still not getting enough clients.
  • Established hypnotherapists who want to increase their income and get more clients

What will this course do for me?

It will teach you the exact system that took me from earning £1,200 ($1,500) per month to £8,000 ($10,000) per month, working fewer hours, and working from wherever I want.

How is it delivered?

This online course is delivered via an easy-to-use eLearning platform. It comprises 5 modules with supporting videos and documents. You can watch it on your own time and refer to it anytime.

What subjects does it cover?

The course has five core subjects, taught in five sequential steps using our unique and proven BOOST Methodology. Successfully marketing hypnotherapy is complex, and you must get several elements in place to attract potential clients, build trust in you, position your value and make it easy for them to commit to you.

Module 1 Branding.

We show you how to develop every part of your brand to position yourself correctly and attract ideal clients. This module shows you step-by-step how to

  • Create your brand and implement it across all your marketing channels and communications.
  • How to identify your ideal audience and understand what they want from you.
  • How to tell your story compellingly that will draw ideal clients to you.
  • How to manage your network to leverage your business

Module 2. Offering

We show you how to develop ‘offerings’ that will differentiate you from your competitors, give value to your clients and enable you to charge significantly more while clients happily pay it. Move away forever from selling your value short. This module includes

  • Understanding offerings and why they matter.
  • How to package offerings that increase the value to your clients and what they are happy to pay you
  • How to set prices for your offering
  • How to present your pricing

Module 3. Outreach

Having developed your branding and story to align with the needs of your ideal clients, you are now ready to market your business effectively. In this module, we will show you how to market effectively without spending money on adverts or spending lots of time on social media.

  • What you as a hypnotherapist need to understand about marketing.
  • What marketing works for hypnotherapists, and what does not?
  • Become number 1 in rankings locally.
  • Getting ranked by Google.
  • How to build and optimise a Google My Business Page to boost your authority and reach.
  • SEO – How to use SEO, backlinks and citations to attract new clients
  • How to use Page optimisation to ensure every page is ranking effectively
  • Understand what leading competitors are doing that makes them successful
  • Replicating the set-up that works for your competitors to drive your traffic

Module 4. Sales and Systems

With your brand, offering and marketing outreach set up, you need the systems to support and operate your practice. We tell you what systems you need for every aspect of your business and provide an entire Systems Blueprint to save you time, money, and hassle. We will show you.

  • How to get 80% of Discovery Calls to turn into clients asking to work with you
  • An Overall systems blueprint with recommendations for every system you need
  • What functionality do you need from your website
  • The content you need to draw in visitors
  • How your website should flow
  • Website performance and factors that many people overlook
  • Using analytics and understanding what your website data is telling you
  • Email sequencing and funnels

Module 5. Turbo boost to the next level

Having implemented modules 1-4, you will have everything in place to build and sustain a successful hypnotherapy practice. Some of you may want to go to the next level, whereby you become seen as an authority in your niche. In this module, we show you how this is done. We will show you.

  • What actions do you need to take to become an authority
  • The tools and systems that will support this

How long will it take

The course is designed to be completed in 2-3 months. We recommend a minimum of 1 month to complete it.

What results should I expect?

You should expect positive results within 4-8 weeks of completing module 4. You should see almost immediate results in certain areas. For example, by following the winning Discovery calls formula, you should quickly start to see more of your Discovery calls/ Strategy calls convert into paying clients.

If you implement the learnings of this course, you will get more leads within 1-2 months. You will convert more conversations into paying clients and significantly increase the prices you can charge for your work. Everybody has a different starting position that will influence your results. This is a system, and all the parts must flow together for maximum effect. It is also important to follow the course in the order we recommend.

Why is this course different?

This course is based on a proven formula for hypnotherapists. It is not some fad or something generic designed for very different services.

It is vital to understand that it is an end-to-end system that will position you correctly, attract the right people, make people comfortable enough to buy and significantly increase the perceived value of your offer.

Much of what other people try to sell are point ‘solutions’ such as lead generation, advertising on social media or approaches specific to a particular platform such as Linked In, Facebook and Instagram. These are ‘silver bullet’ situations from people who understand platforms or specific parts of marketing, such as Google ads. They are not systems, and believe me; they do not work!

This is a system that puts in place everything you need to build, sustain, and grow your practice and puts you in control. You do not need to spend money on adverts, and you do not need to spend hours on social media every day. You drive traffic to your website that you own and control.

This system is an attraction lead system. It draws people towards you. It works better than all the ‘in your face marketing approaches that people are pushing and will also feel much more natural and comfortable. You will feel more comfortable using this system, and your clients will more easily trust you and commit to working with you.

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